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9 Tips for Leasing a Corporate Property

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If you want to lease a corporate property for your business it is wise to have property lawyers look it over to ensure it has no unfair clauses that will make life hard for you. Most such leases are in favour of the landlord and are written up by his or her lawyer. So it is imperative that when searching a lawyers list for a lawyer that the law firm that you choose studies the lease too. Meanwhile here are 9 tips for leasing corporate property.

  • Budget is a major concern with leases because it can be your biggest expense. While you have a budget for the lease, your landlord may be allowed to increase it, so watch for this; it should be written into the lease. The landlord may also want to charge you for part of the maintenance, repairs, upkeep and insurance. A gross lease may include these things, while with a net lease there will be a separate charge.