Using Good Copywriting To Transform Your Ecommerce Business
Ecommerce Business

If you have an eCommerce business the success of any and indeed all your products depends on many factors. The demand for your product, its quality, your competition and even the overall economic landscape at the time. So why is it that some eCommerce businesses succeed even when the cards seem stacked against them?

The answer in a lot of cases is the quality of their copywriting and in particular, that used to sell their products on their eCommerce site. Great copywriting can transform the sales performance of a product and in a wider context that of an entire company.

There have been millions of words written and spoken about what good copywriting looks like and still most business people fail to understand it. In reality, the definition of copywriting is very simple…it is the use of words to cause an action to be taken by another person. That’s it.


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Web Design – Latest Trends

There are always latest trends in website design to consider; the only thing to take care with is that you don’t get caught up in unimportant changes to your website that cost a lot and don’t return much.  While you don’t want your website design to be old-fashioned, sometimes it does give a website business a look of stability that can be good for business.

For instance, if your website was to advertise your presence as a lawyer, you would not want it to have a trendy, insouciant look, but rather something that appeared really solid and trustworthy, as your clientele would be looking for that kind of thing. So it’s important to only choose the latest trends that are appropriate.


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Why Good Web Design is Essential for Your Business

When you decide to get that business website up and running, there are many things to consider and one of them is whether you should try and do it yourself, or hire a professional web designer. If you don’t know too much about business web design, it’s far better to have your website designed and built by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s a bit like having a house built; you wouldn’t choose to DIY if you had no training or experience in building.

For a start, many studies have shown that website visitors only spend a few seconds on a webpage so if your message is not able to tell them what you have to offer in that time, they will leave and you will have lost a potential customer. So the first two sentences on the page are the most important to grab your visitor, but it’s not only the text that is important, graphics play a big part in creating interest for the website visitor.


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The Advantages of Starting an eCommerce Business

If you are tired of the traffic and rat race of working a 9-5 job five days a week you might be interested in starting an eCommerce business. Using just a website to offer goods or services for sale can certainly be a good way to avoid travelling to work and home each day in peak-hour traffic. Your website can offer goods for just local clientele or it can reach a wider customer base, even extending to overseas in many cases.

However, if you decide to do this, it is best not to leave your day job until it is up and running and making a profit. That means you’ll have to put in extra hours at night or at the weekend – probably both – to get it all done. It’s wise to consult with your spouse if you have one, so that you can both be in agreement to this course of action. Doing it all yourself will be require hard work, at least initially; doing it without support from your partner will make it even more difficult.

That said, starting up your own ecommerce business has many positives. (more…)

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