10 Tips for Social Media Marketing



There are many ways in which you can market your online business; some are costly and others are almost free. ‘Almost’ because it still takes time and time is money in the world of business. That said, at least it need not be difficult and social media marketing (SMM) is one of the easier and often, more productive ways to market your business. Why?


Think how many hours you and your friends and their friends spend on social media platforms such as Facebook. Many of those people may require what you have to sell and if you can bring it to them where they hang out, they are more likely to see and purchase it. This is the traditional equivalent of a clothing store putting a rack of sale clothes out on the street for passersby to see, or a coffee shop placing chairs and tables out on the street to remind everyone how much they need a coffee break.

So here are 10 social media marketing tips


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