Web Design

Why Good Web Design is Essential for Your Business


When you decide to get that business website up and running, there are many things to consider and one of them is whether you should try and do it yourself, or hire a professional web designer. If you don’t know too much about business web design, it’s far better to have your website designed and built by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s a bit like having a house built; you wouldn’t choose to DIY if you had no training or experience in building.

For a start, many studies have shown that website visitors only spend a few seconds on a web page so if your message is not able to tell them what you have to offer in that time, they will leave and you will have lost a potential customer. So the first two sentences on the page are the most important to grab your visitor, but it’s not only the text that is important, graphics play a big part in creating interest for the website visitor.

Visuals have to be both top quality and relevant to your business, but they shouldn’t cause your page to load slowly. No one wants to wait around while in cyber space. Besides, a slow loading page is immediately taking away from those precious seconds you have to engage your reader.

Website designers have access to many good graphics that most people don’t see even if they hunt specifically for the right image – and do you know what the ‘right’ image would be for your website? It’s important to get something that is aesthetically pleasing, catches the eye and complements the text. It is also important for the header image to do the same, not only those that are inserted further down the page.

A call to action is another essential piece of the whole. Many great websites don’t convert well simply because they have no calls to action or if they are there, they are unclear or hidden amongst text that is not important. Your website needs to be very clear about what you offer and how it can benefit the customer. Then it needs to have a clear call to action so the potential customer knows exactly what to do to get what they want.

Tracking conversions is also often a neglected part of the whole design. Unless you know which page your visitors have come in from you won’t know which keywords are converting the best. Tracking allows you to measure your marketing costs and place them where they will do the most good. There are many more parts to the whole when it comes to good website design and the professional designer is the one who holds the key to getting them for your own website.