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10 Reasons to Use Adwords

Online Business

Adwords marketing is a good way to ensure your goods are placed right in front of eyes that are likely to be looking for them, which is why so many people favour using them. If you have an online business, you will need some kind of marketing to ensure you actually sell what you have to offer.

Remember, you can’t depend on foot traffic going past your shop to sell your goods. Rather, you have to think of web surfers as your foot traffic and adwords as the arrow pointing to your landing page.

Here are 10 good reasons to use adwords:

  • Adwords sends targeted leads to your landing page, making it highly likely that they will become customers. They also allow you to refine your search constantly so that your ads will have a laser focus, ensuring a good return over investment (ROI).
  • Adwords is very flexible as a marketing platform and compatible with many other platforms and software.
  • You can turn internet traffic on and off using adwords and it suits all business models and sizes from small to large.
  • You can set a specific weekly budget and it won’t go over this, giving you peace of mind that when the limit is reached the ad will stop running.
  • You can target people by location, interest and the device they use to access the internet
  • It is easy to discard ads that are costing you money; simply click pause and it will stop until you unclick it. You can change the wording or other components before trying again.
  • If using Google adwords, it is really easy to track so you can quickly work out which ads have the best ROI.
  • Google is a huge search engine so Google adwords have the potential to tap into a huge market. You can do adwords on other sites such as Facebook and this can be a good place for many businesses.
  • You can find out a lot more about your target market by using adwords. Google adwords give you valuable information about customer buying habits and more that can be used to get an even better ROI.
  • Google deals with millions of users a day and when you use adwords you can be sure that a lot of them will be diverted to your landing page.

People who don’t understand adwords may be put off using them because of the cost, but instead of thinking cost, you need to understand ROI.  You can set a budget that automatically stops your ad running when the limit is reached. If you have not made more in sales than the cost, you will need to tweak the keywords and other components and try again until you hit the sweet spot. You can get an adwords expert to help you with it until you begin to understand how it works.