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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Office Removals Company

If you are a business owner or manager and have the task of organising an office relocation, then one of the most important decisions you will have to make in order to ensure the move is a success, is which removalist company you are going to use. No matter how well you plan everything, and how much support you have from your staff, if you choose sub-standard, unprofessional removalists, you are in danger of the whole moving day being a disaster.

Whilst that might sound scary, let us reassure you that on the flip side of the coin if you choose a professional and experienced removalist company like, not only will the move day be a complete success, but you and your staff might actually enjoy it and in the future, look back on the day with fondness.

Now, in order to get to that happy scenario, you must first choose the correct removalists for the job, and so we are going to lay out some simple tips as to how you get the decision right. Here are those 4 top tips:

Tip #1: Be Planning Before You Start Looking

This might seem a strange tip as what we are suggesting here is that you do not start looking for removalists right away. We say that because, in order to select the most effective removalists, you should first know as much about your office relocation as possible.

By planning, you will know what type of building you are moving to, the distance between locations, what equipment you are moving, and what is being scrapped, and so on. Knowing all this will help you shortlist those removalists companies most suited to the specific needs of your office relocation.

Tip #2: Seek Personal Recommendations

Being a business owner you will no doubt come into contact with other business owners every day, many of whom may actually be friends. As such you should start asking each of them if they have had an office relocation recently and if it went well, what removalists they used. You might press your business friends further on the pros and cons of the removalists they used, what sort of fees they charged and what additional services they offered.

Tip #3: Check Their Reviews

If a removalists company is professional it will be more than happy to  welcome any reviews from its clients and it is these reviews you should want to find. As well as on their website, if they have a ‘Google My Business’ listing you might find some reviews there.

A word of caution is if the only reviews you can find are on their website and every single one has 5-stars and is rapturous about them. No business is perfect, so you want to see a mix, but obviously the more positive they are the better.

Tip #4: Get At Least 3 Written Quotes

Once you have a shortlist of removalists whose services match what you need, and whose credentials with regards to customer satisfaction seem good, you then want to request at least 3 written quotations. Request them politely, and when you do give as many details as you can about your planned move. Replies with quotations that have everything itemised are preferable so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Be wary of any removalists who insist on verbal quotes as if anything goes wrong you have no proof of their quote and what you paid, plus there is a risk of them trying to add undisclosed extra fees.