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Keeping Up Appearances in Business


If you really want to go to what may be the extreme, botox treatment can help to keep that younger, healthier appearance many businesspeople value. However, the smoothest face is of no use if other things are not in place as well. For instance, you need to be well groomed with a nice hairstyle, appropriate clothing and a personality that is welcoming yet professional.

Looks are only part of the equation

People in general have certain expectations of those in business. They expect them to have higher standards in their manner and in their appearance. That is why many people in business depend on Botox. Without facial wrinkles they will look younger and more pleasant. However, looks must be endorsed by personality and manner. No one will care if your face is without the tiniest wrinkle if you snap their heads off or run your business dishonestly.

Keeping up appearances in business is about more than how you look, although this is also a big part of it. Rightly or wrongly, people tend to trust a person who takes care of their appearance. This is true in many different walks of life. Even if you see a person in the street who looks scruffy and unkempt, you tend to judge them as untrustworthy, whether they are or not.

Considering the options

No business person would be able to run their business successfully if they looked like they had slept in the local garbage tip. That is why it’s important to keep up appearances in business. However, this can be taken to the extreme in some cases. It’s important to consider the options and whether you really need and want to have injections in your face.

Not everyone needs them, but the trouble is that the longer you leave it, the worse those wrinkles may become until it is too late to have the treatment at all. If wrinkles are still visible when your face is ‘resting’ i.e. with no expression on it, it is too late to have treatment. However, dermal fillers or a facelift may be other options.

Skin care is important

The best way to ensure your appearance does not frighten anyone away is to take care of your skin from the time you are young. Even starting a regular moisturiser regime at an older age can bring many benefits with a fresher, younger looking skin. But don’t forget to also moisturise your hands and take care of those nails for the best overall effect.

Keeping up appearances is also about the clothes you wear. It is not always necessary to be totally businesslike. You can sometimes go casual chic; that doesn’t mean wearing shorts to the office, of course. Simply using common sense should keep you out of trouble and in business.