Wicked Cool Technology – QR Codes!

Does the box on the left look like a scrambled print of a Sudoku puzzle?
Perhaps an eye chart to convince you that you really do need glasses? You may have seen them and wondered what they were. This ONE SMALL SQUARE can give your business the boost you’ve been waiting for!

QR Codes, like this one, can be scanned with many of today’s modern mobile phones and will quickly download information such as your web site url, phone numbers, coupons for products, business locations, and special events to the user’s smartphone as a bookmark, location or contact. Some modern mobile phones already have a barcode scanning application installed, others allow you to download the free application for your particular smartphone model.

It takes only a few moments to download the app, if necessary. Next, with the application open, just aim your smartphone camera at the QR code. In just seconds, your desired communication will lead the mobile phone consumer to special offers, include your web site as a favorite link, add an email address to receive special promotions. Your imagination sets the limit!

Smartphones can “read” the QR codes off your computer screen, from print advertising, store shop windows, signs, billboards, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, etc. Place your QR code on your web site, Facebook fan page or blog; send a marketing email, create a new page promoting a service, special discount or offering with your message! Linking to a page on your website will instantly increase your web site traffic! Create and send a postcard or other print materials to clients with instructions on how to scan the code. Your customer will, at the very least, be amazed in your technology savvy!

Come on, you know you want to! Find your barcode scan application on your smart phone, install it and take a picture of the square. It’s easy and fun! Now, think of how many different ways we can help you use this tool to your advantage today!