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Art is a funny thing. It’s all relevant to where you are viewing it from, this is true both figuratively and literally. Sometimes as an artist you need to push the envelope, bring to light a message in a way that is fresh, different and hope that it’s original. One of my professors told me that it has all been done before, so look to the work of others for inspiration, grow, twist and morph it to make it your own.

As graphic designers we are modern artists, commissioned to bring visual messaging to life. Each client needs their own personal appearance, their own identity to distinguish them from the overwhelming sea of competition. On occasion, we are confronted with a project that will let you push the visual envelope and art can come out of design not only functional communication.

The banner at the top of this blog was inspired by the work of one of my favorite designers, David Carson. His work has been embraced world wide as being innovative and pushing the envelope of legible typography. His popular origins started in the surf and skateboarding culture in the late 80’s and into the 90’s. Most memorable to many, would be his role as art director of “Ray Gun” which was an alternative rock and roll magazine.

If you’re curious take a look at some of his work

Marcin Witruszynski
Creative Director