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Dress Sense and Your Dream Job


What does dress sense have to do with your dream job? When you are just starting out on the corporate climb it is essential to dress in an appropriate manner. Even before your toe is in the door it’s important that you establish the dress code for your particular industry and ensure you stay up to scratch with it at all times. Some women go to the extreme of having botox treatment – otherwise known as wrinkle relaxers, to ensure they don’t get wrinkles; others make sure they have the right kind of dress sense.

You can’t always help having a wrinkle or two, but you can help not dressing for the job, so of the two, the latter might be the most important, especially when you are young. When you’ve studied and trained for years to get into the business or career of your dreams, it seems a shame to spoil your chances simply because you turned up for that first interview looking like something the cat dragged in.

In fact, you could be wearing clothes that are fine for the house or a casual weekend in the country, but if you are truly serious about getting your dream job, you’ll make sure you are wearing the kind of clothing that is appropriate for the job. Wearing similar clothes to those that will be expected of you when you are working in that position will help the interviewer to see you as an employee who fits in and show them that you are ready and willing to wear the attire required.

If you don’t know what clothing is likely to be required, or if you will be expected to wear a uniform that you won’t get until the job is given to you, then it’s important to wear formal clothes that any business person would be seen in. For a man, a suit and tie would be appropriate in most cases, while a young woman should wear a slimming black or grey skirt with a button up blouse. Long sleeves in the winter and short in the summer would be appropriate for most job interviews.

If your dream job is something along the lines of a removalist or a truck driver, then turning up in more casual gear would be fine; not shorts and a T-shirt, but long trousers and a work shirt or a polo shirt.

Of the two, women seem to be more expected to have good dress sense – perhaps because women’s clothing offers more colour and variety of style. It’s important to choose a style that suits you and colours that tone or match. Clashing colours are a big no-no and if you wear a style that doesn’t suit, you’ll be more likely to miss that dream job. When you know you look your best your confidence will soar and that will do wonders for your interview.