Business Marketing

How to Get Your New Business Online ASAP


Business is not conducted in the same way today as it was even just a few years ago. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, potential clients will want to know why and may even consider that you are not a true professional if you don’t have a website. That is one important reason why it’s essential to seek help from a digital agency such as Slinky and get your new business online as soon as possible; there are many others.

  • With a website you can establish communication with clients who are not in your local area, so you have the potential to establish a far more comprehensive customer base.
  • People use a website as a telephone or business directory to find you, and they prefer it because they can get more information about your services without having to speak to a possibly pushy salesperson. Then when and if they do decide to contact you, it is easy to do so.

  • Your web store can be open 24/7 without any extra effort from you. No paying staff overtime to attend to queries and purchases.
  • You can offer visitors a lot of information and several ways to contact you without paying extra for a big ad. Heaps of information can fit onto a website for no extra cost.
  • You can showcase images to sell your services if that is appropriate, such as if you are a photographer. This would not be possible in a telephone book.
  • People spend a great deal of their time online, so if you are not there as well, you’ll miss potential clients.

The best way to get your business online without any delays or steep learning curve is to put in into the hands of a professional digital marketing agency to start with. They know many search engine optimisation tips and tricks to make the search engines sit up and take notice of your website, so can optimise your website in special ways that makes it pop up on the search results page when potential customers type in certain keywords.

Once your website it up and running, you will be able to add to it or change things around a bit, for instance, if you want to add another service or take out a product. This won’t change what the digital agency has done because much of their work is hidden behind the scenes. Only they and the search engines know about it.

Most people who go online for the business or shopping needs these days can spot an amateur website at first glance. When you have yours done by a professional you’ll be a step ahead of many other businesses who try to save money by doing it themselves. Besides, a professional will ensure your website is done in such a way that it can expand to fit your future needs.