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Why Is Good Quality Content Key To Your SEO Efforts?

Quality Content

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of the best online marketing streams for lawyers and law firms such as Lawyers Perth. It is very effective, relatively inexpensive when compared to things like Google AdWords, and relatively straightforward. In fact, anyone with a little bit of internet knowledge and access to a website’s content management system can work on the sites SEO.

One of the major SEO considerations for website owners is content. In general, high quality content translates to high search engine rankings for multiple keywords. But why is good quality content so important for SEO, and why should you think very carefully about what sort of things you post on your law firm website?

Content Should Be A Key Aspect Of Every SEO Strategy

And, as everyone knows, high quality content is much more readable, much more likely to engage an audience, and really, just generally better than poorer quality content. Before we continue, it’s important to realise that content is more than just text – in fact, pretty much anything you include on your website can be thought of as content. This extends to images, videos, interactive displays, and more.

Every SEO strategy should include content according to Sydney based SEO experts, as content tells search engine crawler bots what your website is about. When a page includes keywords, it can be ranked for those keywords. In fact, I would argue that this is one of the, if not the most important factor when it comes to your website’s SEO ranking.

So Why Is Quality Content So Important?

In the past, people could stuff keywords onto their web page and be ranked highly for them. However, changes in Google’s search engine algorithms means that websites are now penalised for doing this sort of thing. They now focus on readability and content quality, which means that higher quality content simply means you will be ranked higher in the search engine results pages.

How Does Google Determine What Content Is High-Quality?

Search engines have advanced at a rapid pace in the past decade or so. In fact, they are now so advanced that they are able to look at pretty much every aspect of every website on the internet (with exceptions, but that’s not important). To determine content quality, they look at things like the time readers spend on a page, keyword placement, and social reactions. For example, pages that have good social reactions are determined to be high quality.

What Should I Focus On?

Try and write in a way that flows naturally, which is informative, and which offers something to the reader. Think about your keywords and where you are putting them, make sure that you don’t stuff too many keywords onto one page, and above all, keep your content the best quality you can.

Final Word

You may have heard people say that ‘content is king’ when it comes to SEO. Well, they’re wrong. High-quality content is king. Low quality content is ok, but it won’t land you a top place on the search engine ranking pages.